Still Alive!

I haven’t been flying or posting a lot lately. This past year has been busy with other things in my life.

Doug and I spent a lot of time working on the latest version of World Flight Planner. We had a booth at the latest COPA AGM and we’ve been updating the software to support more features based on feedback from our users.

I’ve been hard at work at renovating the house my wife and I purchased a while ago. So most of the flying money has gone there.

That isn’t to say that I haven’t been keeping my ear out to the happenings in the aviation world!

I will have some time in the next few months to hit the skies again. However, with which rental company is still up in the air.

I recently logged into the aircraft booking system that is used at Toronto Airways. Before their policy change you were able to book aircraft yourself. Doing so would be impossible as aircraft would be booked months in advance. Now it seems that there is availability as early as 2 weeks in the future.

I’m going to revisit my GTA Rental Rates spreadsheet and update it as needed. Specifically, I’m going to add Future Air out in Barrie. My last rental from them was great.


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