Porter Landing In The Windy City

Porter announced today that they will be flying to Chicagos Midway airport starting November 12. Flights starting at $149.

I’m sure if Meigs was still around, they’d be using that airport instead.

3 Responses

  1. Al says:

    In the news today, according to Avweb, “Midway Airport in Chicago will become the first major airport in the U.S. to be privatized and it will be run by a Canadian company. Vancouver Airport Services, which runs Vancouver International Airport and 17 other airports in British Columbia, the Caribbean, South America and Europe, was the successful bidder for a $2.5 billion deal that will include a lease on Midway for 99 years.”
    This leads me to wonder if Meigs will re-open after all?
    … Al.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Porter seems to be expanding very quickly – KLGA, KMDW… In this time of aviation, it looks like it’s pushing to fast. Am I wrong?

  3. Blake says:

    I think Porters expansion is on track and are not expanding too quickly.
    They don’t fly into KLGA, but KEWR.
    Their focus is business travelers, a segment of the traveling population that will always exist. So far the markets they are going into seem to be smart.
    Keep in mind they have a lot of “contracts” with large companies for discount rates.