One of the pre-requisites for the Seneca flight program (and for even flying) is a “medical certificate”. There are multiple levels of this certificate, each with their own requirements.

I am going to get tested for the highest level (level 1). This is the same level that commercial pilots require and its the level that is needed for the Seneca program. I found detailed information on what the exam involves (in short: eye exam, hearing tests, and full physical). However I had a tough time finding out how long this certificate is valid for (turns out it is five years for individuals under 40 years old).

The exam has to be made by certified “Civil Aviation Medical Examiners”. A list of them is available at the Transport Canada website. The closest one to me is in Newmarket.

Contrary to what most people think.. you don’t need perfect vision to pass the vision portion of the exam. 20/30 vision is the minimum allowed by Category 1 and you are allowed to have glasses to bring you up to 20/20. However, do you have to pass the colour blind test with flying colours (no pun intended ;) ). However you wont be able to fly at night, or in aircraft with no radios (as coloured signals are used with these aircraft to communicate with the tower for approach/landing clearance).

Total cost of the exam, around $200. I am going to check to see if my work benefits will cover the cost of some of the tests. My appointment is for October 12th.

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