Done the medical exam… almost.

So I had my medical exam today. I opted to get tested for a Category 1 Medical Certificate (which is the one with the most restrictions). The event was pretty painless:

– Answered questions about my family history, if I am taking any medication, and how much alcohol I drink each week (I said “maybe two beers a week”).

– Checked weight, height, hair colour, and eye colour

– Checked breath sounds

– Examined my eyes, ears, and throat (say ahhh!)

– Did a neat test to check my peripheral vision. The doctor just wiggled his finger and brought it closer to the centre of my vision and told me to tell him when I saw the finger. He did this while one eye was covered.

– Had to read fine print using only one eye (test both left-only and right-only)

– Did a colour blindness test

– Measured by vision acuity (left eye: 20/20, right eye: 20/20, total vision: 20/10)

– Peed in a cup and test it using a dipstick

The only thing left for me to is get an ECG done, and a audiogram (hearing test). I’m going to see if I can get the ECG done tomorrow morning before work.

The exam needs to be done by a certified aviation medical examiner. This guys office was weird. He had photos of airplanes all throughout the waiting room. Then as soon as you got to the doctors office.. clocks everywhere. He takes “normal” patients too.

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