Hearing Test for Cat1 Medical

I had my final portion of the medical exam done yesterday – the audiogram. I passed, but not with the results I had in mind. The results showed that I had some hearing loss in the higher frequencies. “loss” is an extreme word in this case. The graph dips down just a little bit for those frequencies (I think 5-10 db).

There were two main tests: Pure Tone and Speech. The pure tone test just sends a tone into your headphones (you’re placed in a soundproof booth) and you have to push a button every time you hear the tone. The tones change in frequency and intensity. With the speech test, you have to repeat what you hear. The words change in intensity as well.

In any case my hearing is good enough for Transport Canada. So now I play the waiting game.

Someone asked me why I’m getting a Category 1 medical certificate, when you only need a category 3 (I think) to become a student. The answer is twofold:

1. You need a Cat 1 to become a commercial pilot. How crappy would it be to make it all the way, then not be able to get your commercial license because you fail the medical exam?

2. Tax purposes. If you get a Cat 1 certificate right from the start, then according to Revenue Canada your intentions of going to flight school is for a career. Therefore you can claim your schooling cost as tuition and get a tax break.

So I don’t know what I get in the end.. Probably a piece of paper that I can show people that I’m medically fit.

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