Starting to Sink In

I got a workbook the other day (the companion workbook to “From The Ground Up”). I started working on it. I know I will probably be doing this again when school actually starts, but I can’t wait.

Answering the questions in the book actually makes what i’ve read sink in. I’ve been able to answer about 50% of the questions without having to go back to the text. The rest though… i’ve had to look up. Not a bad thing, just a reminder of how much I need to learn :)

I’ve found that im starting to remember things now! Reading a textbook is one thing, but actually trying to answer questions is another.

I’ve been looking at E6B Calculators on ebay to buy – not a lot to choose from. It is another essential tool needed by pilots. It is essential during flight planning and en-route to calculate ETAs, fuel burn, wind correction, ground speed, etc..

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