Getting info from the TSB

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada is the organization that (among other things) investigates aviation accidents.

I wanted to look up a specific investigation so I proceeded to their website. I knew the exact report number, however the report was not available on the website.

I decided to contact them via their contact form and asked them if I could get a copy of the report (and I cited the report number).

5 days later I got an e-mail back from their Public Affairs Advisor with a copy of the report in PDF format. I was actually quite surprised to get a reply back this soon (and with the information I requested).

Just because a report isn’t available on their site, doesn’t mean you can’t ask for it (and get it!).

I am trying to read up on as many accident reports as possible. I find it an invaluable resource into learning what can “go wrong” when your in the air. You can always learn from other peoples mistakes!

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One thought on “Getting info from the TSB

  1. I can’t believe you were surprised — being Canada, I’m surprised it took as long as 5 days.
    If it was the USA, you would have been blocked, and if it was Australia, they would have had to do a background check first to see if you were a muslim.

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