Questions Answered!

I got a call back from the FI I did my intro flight with the other day and she was able to answer all of the questions I had.

She said that it might be possible for me to write my PSTAR exam before becoming an “official” student at the school. Just to come in when the weather is crappy (I’m presuming that’s when the CFIs have nothing better to do). However, writing the Radiotelephone exam (for my radio license) would have to wait.

In the meantime I’m continuing my studying. I constantly get 95-98% on all of the mock exams I can find on line. It’d be sweet if I ace the exam!

Right now my weak spots have to do with the blast areas of different types of planes. I always get them confused. Is the take-off blast danger of a Jumbo jet 1600ft or 1200ft? (its 1600ft, 1200ft is for a Medium size jet).

I also took a look at the requirements for the in flight exam for the commercial license. It’s pretty much the same as a private license except that the tolerances are much smaller. For example: straight and level flight for the Private exam might have a tolerance of +/- 100ft of altitude. For the commercial exam its +/- 50ft (these are examples… not real values).

I am going to be adding a new section to the site where I will have links to all the documents, mock exams, regulations that I have been reading.

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