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I haven’t been doing as much studying these past two weeks as I would like. I’m at the “navigation” chapter in my textbook and I am missing some tools that I need in order to complete them. Mainly a “real” E6B, some protractors and rulers.

I’m actually pretty excited about the Seneca open house this weekend. I’m going to chat with the FI I had my intro with after to get some feedback from her about what I plan on doing:

I’m going to pummel the Seneca people about their curriculum and their class sizes. I want to see if they are going to be able to have enough students for all of their classes. Also want to know if I can sign up for the winter semester, or if I’m too late. Their course calendar online is way out of date.

Once I get the info from them, I’m going to speak with the FI. Mainly to find out how it all works: what days/times ground school is at. What days works best for her in regards to teaching me. I plan on taking some of my vacation days from work to go to the airport mid week. I plan on going there 3 times a week. I’m also curious to know more information about her, what rating she has and if she’s going to be teaching me for all the other endorsements I want to get (Night, IFR, Dual Engine). Then if all goes well, hopefully by next week I will be signed up and ready to go!

I’m still waiting for my medical certificate from Transport Canada.

So I found more information about claiming your flight lessons against your income tax. All of the normal stipulations apply (you can claim parking, books, etc..) with the addition of having the flying school fill out a TL11B form. This form is available only in electronic format (according to the CCRA website). The form outlines how many hours you’ve flown along with the total cost. The important bit is the Student’s Disclosure which states:

The Canada Revenue Agency may review your claim and ask for more documentation.

This is where having a category 1 medical certificate will help prove that you are not just doing this for fun, but as education needed for a job/career. I’m assuming keeping all your receipts as well as your log book will also be used.

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3 thoughts on “Questions, Waiting, Tax Benefits

  1. Everyone used to claim their PPL for tax purposes, but then RevCan got wise to the fact that very few were actually proceeding past their PPL to get their commercial, which was technically required in order to claim the PPL.
    Now, they do look at things alot closer. Generally, the medical won’t mean anything to them, as you can fly with an RPP/PPL with a class 1. What will prove to them that you are continuing is a signup receipt for commercial groundschool, and your first few receipts of commercial training flights.
    As with most things revenue Canada, Don’t offer the information if they don’t ask. :-)
    You do realise you can start your actual flight training without your medical, right? Just in case it doesn’t arrive for a while – you technically only need it once you reach the point where you will become PIC..meaning your solo and beyond.
    Sometimes they take a long time, depending on how backed up they are. Mine only took 5 business days to arrive, but I had requested a rush since I waited till the last minute. Others, I’ve heard of a month or more to have them arrive.

  2. Thanks for the tips! Someone told me that getting a Cat 1 from the start also helps because you dont necessarily need one for your PPL but you must have it for your CPL.
    Although I have no worries about passing the medial certificate requirements, it would be nice to know that I did before sinking in cash for training. No news is good news though, since my doctor would have called me, had there been any issues.

  3. Very true – on the flipside, many students have spent alot of money training right up to the point of their Solo, rushed out to get their medical so they could proceed, and then found out that they are disqualified for some reason….making all the money spent getting to that point a waste.
    Your decision to get it early is a wise one, that’s for sure, especially when you plan to proceed to a commercial and need a cat1.

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