Waiting some more…

Went to the Seneca Open House with Melissa today. We were both somewhat disappointed, nobody was able to answer any of my questions about their part time course. I kept on getting redirected “to the website” and I kept on reminding them that it was out of date. I spent most of the time talking to the students. One showed me around the place. The Fracas simulators are pretty pimp. They have two, one for Cessnas and another that has a glass cockpit for (I think) a jet engine plane. The latter being good for ATP training.

In any case I walked away with not that much more information. Some good things about the Seneca program:

– You get to use their sims whenever you want, and it doesn’t cost you a dime.

– The planes are inside a hangar, so no need to de-ice, scrape off frost. (Only get to use their planes in the full time course)

– Getting extra help from your instructors doesn’t cost anything either.

I decided to go back to their website tonight to see if there was anything new. I did find one tidbit of information on it: December 15 at 6pm is an Orientation/Information session for what I can only guess is their Winter semester. This session is specifically for the part time program.

So I think I will wait until that session before I make a decision on how I’m going to proceed with my training. In the meantime, I’m going to continue learning on my own!

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