I happen to come across an image of an aircraft that smashed into a house. I decided to look up its registry and discovered that it took off from Buttonville!


The accident report is availble on the TSBs website. Good news is that nobody was seriously hurt.

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3 thoughts on “Plane + House = Bad

  1. A similar thing happened about 20 years ago in Oshawa near our house in north Oshawa.
    (We always lived near the airport…final for 30 went right over our place).
    I never heard what the exact cause was, and this was long before the internet allowed easy access to the TSB reports, but it was a sight to see.
    Best I remember hearing at the time, surprisingly nobody was seriously hurt in that accident either.

  2. I was able to get two accident reports from the TSB that were not on their website by quoting the plane’s registry and the date/time of the accident.
    They sent me a PDF of the report a few days later. Might be worth a shot?

  3. I would be totally guessing plus or minus probably 4 years on the exact date – I was just a kid at the time, but vividly remember riding my bike like crazy the 4 or 5 blocks to checkout the scene.
    However, I doubt that the TSB is going to go too in depth looking at circumstances based on a “guess” on the year.
    Sadly, the outcome on that one will likely be forever a mystery. :-)

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