I spent this rainy day bumming around the net. I found some interesting aviation related websites. Please feel free to comment and let me know what your fav is.

Love Is In The Air. This is a dating site for “airline crew”. I took a quick look around and stopped when I saw “flight69’s” profile photo.

Crew Start: Toted as “The Airline Crew” portal, its operated by the same guys as the dating site above. The forums are the best part of this site. People here seem to have a more upbeat, positive attitude than in Avcanada.

Avcanada: This is pretty much *the* place for Candian aviation related discussion forums. There are over 7000 members with lively discussion about everything. I find that most users here seem to be disgruntled or frustrated and are looking for a place to vent.

Aviation.ca: Good site for Canadian related aviation news. They have some regular contributors that add value to the site (Instead of just forums). I particularly enjoy “Controllers Corner“, a blog written by an air traffic controller out east.

LiveATC.net: I’ve mentioned this site a few times in the past. I found it to be a good resource to ask aviation related questions, even though the site all about air traffic control. I think this is the largest collection of live air traffic control streams (especially for Canadian airports).

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