I got the next version of the CFS in the mail today and decided to take a look at the changes. There was only one change from the last version:

New lighting system in use at Toronto/City Centre, Ontario Visual Azimuth Guidance. The VAGS (Visual Alignment Guidance System) provides a combined signal of approach azimuth guidance and threshold identifcation (see Lighting CFS Section A or A.I.C 30/06)

The only information in the CFS is:

Visual Alignment Guidance System and Runway Identification Lights.

(Uni-Directional Rotating Beams Creating Flashing Effect)

It is designated as “AZ” in the CFS

I couldn’t find AIC 30/06 as the next version of the AIC wont come out until at least 10 days before the next publication date (which I am assuming will be the same as the CFS which is November 23rd).

I’m unable to find any other information on the internet about this new system or how it works. As well, there is no mention in the latest version (October 26th, 2006) of the AIM.

I guess I will have to wait for AIC 30/06

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