I have been sick for the past four days with the stomach flu and have been bed ridden ever since.

So yeah, new years eve I was partying with the porcelain princess. On to aviation related things…

LiveATC.net has some excellent clips lately of controllers wishing landing aircraft a happy new year as they are the first landing of 2007. They have clips from various towers, but I’ve included the Pearson one here for you to listen to.

A more serious clip involves a controller with a stuck microphone. He utters some profanities that gets him in trouble. A $5000 fine is possible. The circumstances are unfortunate because of who he was talking to at the beginning of the clip (a female) and his choice of profanities to use. I’m confident though that he was referring to the malfunctioning equipment and not the pilot. I guess that will be the difference between a $5000 fine and not.

I will post another update shortly about my PPL exam.

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