I’ve been distracted by Guitar Hero the past few weeks. My training for multi-ifr stuff doesn’t start until the end of December so I’m taking this opportunity to break from flying a bit.

I do have a plane booked on Sunday. Assuming the weather is good (and my g/f wants to go) we’ll head up in the Warrior. Destination unknown.

Toronto Airways increased the prices of their intro flights. From $69 to $80. If for some reason you cant fit in a 150 due to weight, then you can get an intro flight in a 172 for $100.

Today I discovered CADORS (Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Reporting System). Its a reporting system used by Transport Canada. It pretty much includes every incident that has happened in Canadian Airspace. There are about 95,000 records dating back to 1993. Things like infractions of the CARS to actual accidents are noted.

Doing a search for all entries at Buttonville yielded 338 records (of which 55 are Toronto Airways related). Most of the recent entries were reported by the tower (Nav Canada):

A Helicopter inbound for landing at Toronto Buttonville (CYKZ) reported a kite 1 mile North of the field at 1600′. The helicopter was leaving 1700′ at the time. York Regional Police informed.

A Flighexec Piper PA31T flight FEX500 on the ground at Buttonville Airport (CYKZ) inadvertently activated the aircraft’s ELT for approximately 3,5 minutes. No impact to operations.

Some notable entries (these links don’t work). Turns out that the urls are based individual sessions. I haven’t figured out a way to link directly to specific CADOR entries. If I do, I will update this page.

Someone trying to land on a road, rather than runway.

The reason why some planes have carb ice detectors.

The destruction of NFX’s nose wheel.

How the seminoles prop got damaged.

What happens when someone hits a bird on a touch and go.

Details about the microburst that broke a few planes in the summer.

IFR flight had to return because a 30 year old circuit breaker failed.

Some smart thinking during an incident on a students first solo.

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