A Few Changes Around Buttonville

FSS would like everyone to use 123.15 for opening, closing, and filing fight plans in the YKZ area. 126.7 is too crowded and congested.

As you get further north (Muskoka) they suggest you use 123.475.

If all else fails, try 123.275 which is the FSS out of YYZ. I’m trying to find an official document that outlines this. So far it was just communicated to us in an email from the Chief Instructor at TAL.

This has been in the works by NavCanada for a few years now. The original announcement about this was made in AIC 23/05. The RCO redesign project aims to reduce the amount of interference on 126.7 by eliminating FSS services (or FISE, Flight Information Services Enroute) on that frequency. They are asking pilots to perform their normal position reports on 126.7, but if they need to contact an FSS, do so on the new discreet frequency.

Check out a map of the new FISE frequencies in the London FIC.

You can also check out the official NavCanada site about this project.

As well, DF steers are no longer available at Buttonville. The reason? Nobody has asked for one in the past 4 years! See section of the NavCanada Study.

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  1. M,
    Thanks for the url. No wonder I couldn’t find any “official” details about this. It was in an AIC from 2005! (I didn’t look that far back).
    I will update the post with the additional details.

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