YKZ Tower/Ground Available on liveatc.net

Although it’s not 100% official and we’re still testing things you can get a sneak peek at the Buttonville ground/tower liveatc.net feed.

The feed is pretty good, but could be better. Ground transmissions are muddled, mainly due to the fact that the aircraft are not in the air, but on the ground (and their antennas usually point down). After a day or so of listening you’re pretty much guaranteed to get all transmissions in the control zone.

This is a great learning tool for students who are new to ATC communications.

For now you can listen to the stream at this url:

http://audio.liveatc.net:8012/cykz.m3u or http://alt.liveatc.net/cykz (if you’re behind a firewall).

It may be up and down over the course of the next few days as we get things figured out.

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