6 thoughts on “Firestarter?

  1. I rip out relevant pages from the old CFSs and put them in the ring binder of my kneeboard (after making sure that nothing has changed). This way, I have useful data (e.g.: field info and terminal procedures for CYOO and CYTZ) at my fingertips without having to worry about reaching into my bag mid-flight if I need them.

  2. Keep your old one, and together with the current one, they make a handy set of chocks.

  3. They’d probably be welcome to take them back at your FBO – I know at YOO when I was in ground-school there was a shortage of good CFS’s – the ones they had for classroom reference were in rough shape with commonly referred to pages missing in a few, and there wasn’t enough to go around either.

  4. toilet paper, for those hot summer nights out in the woods when you need some

  5. Can I contribute to the fire?
    I think we should start a campfire right outside NavCanada’s building in Ottawa, hopefully they’ll reduce the prices of the CFS, and it won’t be such a huge ripoff.

  6. a little vinaigrette and u got urselves some lunch, or if ur truily hardcore, jsut tear it in half in front of your frends

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