Does anyone have any information about the airport that used to be in King City? I heard someone make a position report “over the old king city airport” the other day and did a quick google search.

The only thing that I can find was this entry.

Does anyone know the identifier, when it closed, or any other details? I’ve already got Dave to add it to but we would like more information about it.

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3 thoughts on “Old King City Airport

  1. Can’t tell you much about the airport. Beamish Construction has been there I think at least 15 years but you can still make out where the runway was almost parallel to the highway.
    I suppose some people will be still be reporting at the 4 stacks inbound to the island for a while too…

  2. Surprisingly, King City was a small but busy airport considering it’s proximity to Maple Airport (Now Wonderland). Beamish Construction bought the land in the 1980’s and set up shop. If you drive past the area, you can also make out the control tower located at the south end of the field. The old version of the CFS had removable/replaceable pages so most people probably took them out and threw them away. All that weight you know.

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