After the tragic death of the owner of Greenbank Airport in an ultralight accident (CADORS: 2008O1622), his wife is selling the airport.

Mickys wife, Dorothy had this to say:

While I am confident in my ability to operate the Travel business, I am less so in regard to the airport. Greenbank Airport is a jewel for the aviation community and Micky was already planning a significant series of new improvements, including the paving of the main runways, taxiways and aprons and additional hangars, not to mention his ultimate plan to create estate homes each with direct access. As such I have debated within my own mind about prospects of keeping Micky’s dream alive out of my deep love for him, or selling the airport to more professional interests ensuring that the vision for what the airport can become is accomplished sooner for the benefit of aviators and our community.

I have decided that Micky would want me to do the latter, that is try to ensure that the airport is put in the best hands possible for a strong future.

The airport is on 77 acres, located on the greenbelt and is zoned airport.

Price Tag: $2 million.

If you are interested, or would like more information, contact Dan Farquharson at 905-640-4151 . A information sheet will be made available shortly.

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