I hear this callsign on Toronto Centre every now and then. I assumed it was a Q-400, I didn’t think it was a jet!

The caption says that it’s at Buttonville. Not sure if they were testing the Localizer there. Its been U/S for a while now.

© Tom Podolec

Pretty neat looking aircraft.

I have a flight booked for Sunday. If anyone out there would like to come up with me, let me know. The flight is at 12, lets hope the weather holds.

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5 thoughts on “NavCan 103

  1. Darn, would have loved to tag along for the ride, I have a ZAON XRX PCAS, would have been cool to see how much traffic flying around buttonville with it.

  2. That particular aircraft, along with a matching one is actually for sale, to make way for the new ones.

  3. If I’m not mistaken I’ve seen one of those at CYOO many years ago when I was a student. It was definitely NavCan, turbine, although if I remember correctly it was “NavCan 2”.

  4. After i looked at the picture a little closer i realized that that is a RJ, not one of the challengers that are presently for sale. This is actually one of the new aircraft that Nav Canada is using (I believe they have 2 RJ’s and atleast 1 DH8, but its a B, or C, as far as I know Nav doesn’t own any D’s)
    You see them around quite a bit actually, they test all the nav-aids on a regular basis, they fly as different NavCan flights (usually 1-5, or 100-500, depending on if they are testing or carrying passengers, I believe)

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