Being a pilot is great. You have the freedom to fly where ever you like. So once  you’ve got a few $300 hamburgers (when was the last time it was $100?) under you belt, you’re looking for something new.

Here are a list of some things you can do after getting that licence.

Join an Organization
There are two main organizations you can join in Canada:

EAA is probably most famous for setting up Airventure in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. However, they do have a Canadian presence. EAA is all about sharing the passion for flying and promoting aviation in the community. They are a progresive organisation that is willing to bring aviation in to the 21st century will still maintaining ties to the “good ole days” of flying.

COPA (Canadian Owners and Pilots Association) is an organisation that fights to keep general aviation alive in Canada. They work closely with government, private, and public companies to represent and give general aviation pilots a voice at the table. Their main focus is to maintain the status-quo of aviation in Canada. Other benefits include discounts to some hotels and aircraft insurance.

Give Back
Want to use your aircraft and piloting skills to good use?

Hope Air helps people get the healthcare they need by offering free flights to eligible patients. Hope Air will pay for the fuel required to pick up and drop off their users. You can use this as a tax write-off as the organization is a registered charity.

Get your instructor rating and teach someone else to be a pilot. This could be a good opportunity to become a safer pilot yourself.

Do Nothing
Just enjoy the open skies yourself or with someone you love.

If anyone else has any other suggestions please post them in the comments section.


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