Updated: C-172 Passenger Briefing

Update: Thanks for the comments! I’ve updated the document and the final version now appears at the link below. You are welcome to use them as you see fit. Keep in mind that this document satisfies Canadian Aviation Regulations. I’m not sure who rules are involved with the FAA or other agencies.

So here is what I’ve come up with for a Passenger Briefing. The idea is to give these two pages to a passenger before the flight. That way when I give them the briefing in person, they will already have an idea of what I will be talking about. This also gives them a chance ask questions that they might have had time to think about.

Comments are welcome.

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4 thoughts on “Updated: C-172 Passenger Briefing

  1. This is great stuff – well done. A couple of suggestions:
    1) Perhaps a rough drawing of the C172 showing doors, handles, windows, luggage compartment door, extinguisher, etc. Doesn’t have to be as cool as a commercial airliner’s safety card – just handy so people can get a feel for what they’ll be in, etc.
    2) I’d change this bit about seatbelts:
    ‘The seatbelts are standard 3 point style seatbelts similar to what is in your car.’
    so it says “similar to those in your car.” (yeah yeah, grammar nasty that I am :)
    Otherwise this is really good. Are you going to allow anyone to download & use this? If so, have you considered putting your details on it and releasing it under a Creative Commons license (www.creativecommons.org). Very handy for this sort of thing :)

  2. Nice briefing. Personally I would avoid using the word “crash” in the ELT section – nervous passengers do not like that word, even in a briefing.
    One thing I would add is a section on propeller safety. Always approach the plane from behind the wing, never lean on the prop, never enter/exit the plane when the engine is running, etc.

  3. You forgot: Add a “thank you for flying Blake Air” and a Blake Air logo :P

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