Dispatchers License

I’ve been spending all morning trying to find information on getting a dispatchers license. All I could find was the Dispatcher Examination page on Transport Canadas website.

Is that’s all there is to it? Just write the exams and you’re done?

On another note. I’m going to be getting my logbook in order this week. Plus I have a flight booked for August 3rd. Any suggestions as to where I should go? I’m thinking Ottawa.

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2 thoughts on “Dispatchers License

  1. Go to Killarney! Great fish and chips apparently! Sudbury was nice too, very large runway but food was berk. I just pick airports with nice food (Hanover, Lindsay are the best so far). If you know of airports with good food, let me know!

  2. A bit late infor for your but at Canadian Flyers International (i.e. Markham Airport), they have a airline dispatcher course (they hold it in York University).. Upon finishing (and passed) you will get a dispatcher license.

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