St. Pierre et Miquelon Airspace


Does anyone know if the airspace around LFVP is managed by NavCanada or Frances’ Air Traffic Controllers?

For those of you who don’t know. Saint Pierre and Miquelon is a French territory off the coast of Newfoundland.

The reason why I ask is because the airspace appears in the Transport Canada Designated Airspace Handbook. Even though it’s technically a separate country, it is in Canadian Domestic Airspace and thus appears in the Handbook.

There are two pieces of airspace. First, the Class “D” control zone (in green) and then the Class “D” (inner ring) and Class “E” (outer ring) terminal control areas.

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2 thoughts on “St. Pierre et Miquelon Airspace

  1. It looks like the airspace is ultimately controlled by the French but there is a handover process from Gander to St. Pierre.
    This is the controlling body:
    (Look under the “Le SAC fournit les services de la Navigation Aerienne et a ce titre” section – I believe you speak French?)
    This is the handover process:
    However, I’m often wrong so let me know if I’m not this time!

  2. Well, Im not going to claim that I knew this, but I did ask a former Moncton high controller about this yesterday…
    Apparently France operates a tower on St Pierre, which serves as a miniature terminal for the French controlled airspace. Nav Canada controls the overlying airspace.
    I assume that this means that all the French controllers would be cross-trained IFR/VFR (similar to YYZ). I’m not sure where the high/low split is, but I will guess 10,000 Asl. I’m also not sure if the French ‘own’ the airspace up to FL600, and delegate it to Canada (and hence Nav), or if their airspace is limited.

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