Air Canada Confusion?

When I originally booked my flight, using Aeroplan, the itinerary showed that my flight to Sydney would be a non-stop flight:


However every source I look at (including a friend I have who works for Jazz) says that the flight will be stopping in Vancouver.

This lead me to fully understand the different between a “direct” flight and a “non-stop” flight.

A “direct flight” is one whereby the flight is using 1 flight number, and passengers are not required to disembark between stops. For example, my flight to Sydney AC33, which stops in YVR. Same flight number, and I will be staying on the plane while passengers from YVR board.

A “non-stop” flight is just that. 1 flight number that goes straight to their destination without stopping.

So as you can see, on my Aeroplan itinerary it says “Stops: 0”. As well, the PDF itinerary that was emailed to me does not show a stop in YVR.

According to my itineraries, this is a “non stop” flight. According to Air Canada, and Flight Aware it’s a “direct” flight.

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