adds another Ontario airport! has recently added yet another southern Ontario airport to its list of feeds!

The addition of Oshawa brings the total up to four!

Oshawa is an interesting airport to listen to as it contains a lot of training traffic, plus the big-wigs from Ford landing their spiffy jets.

The Buttonville feed had been down for a few months, however it is now back up and sounding better than ever!

If you would like to listen to students practicing their ILS approaches, you can listen to the KItchener/Waterloo feed.

One big gap in the southern ontario airspace that I would love to see covered is Toronto City Centre. That airport is probably the second busiest after YYZ when it comes to traffic. And a great mix too. Porter’s Dash-8s, Medevac helicopters, media helicopters, and students. If anyone lives close to the airport and can provide a feed, please get in touch with me.

Same goes for anyone of you near London, Ontario. Having a stream of CYXU would be great, considering the Diamond Aircraft factory on the field.

Of course you can also listen to Toronto Terminal, and Pearson Tower at

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2 thoughts on “ adds another Ontario airport!

  1. Good tip, Blake. I’ll definitely be checking out Kitchener/Waterloo for the ILS stuff and, of course, Buttonville now that it is back up.

  2. Blake,
    Thanks for the info. I have been checking for the Buttonville feed ever since the summer and had given up on it.
    … Al

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