Canadian IFR Approach Plates

I just discovered this online today. The Canadian Air Pilot are approach plates from Nav Canada for all airports in Canada with IFR approaches.

The country is divided up into 6 sections, each section has their own plate booklet (two for Quebec, one in English and the other in French). You can find PDF copies of the latest versions in the Nav Canada AIP section.

UPDATE: Since the files have been removed from Nav Canada’s website, I have included a copy of them on my server. Please don’t use these for navigation as they are expired.

CAP 01 English

CAP 02 English

CAP 03 English

CAP 04 English

CAP 05 English

CAP 06 French

CAP 07 English

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8 thoughts on “Canadian IFR Approach Plates

  1. Hey Blake,
    I don’t seem to find the IFR approach plates there, I only find the AIP.. Can you go furthermore into the details in finding the PDF of the IFR approach plates ?

  2. Hi Kkjlai,
    They were only online temporarily, in fact they were removed from the site yesterday with the latest update cycle.
    I have updated this post to include a link to my local copy.

  3. Thanks for copying them on your server.
    Very weird. Canada doesn’t have a site where to find IAPs anymore?? Isn’t this a safety issue? Pilots are used to going online and get them! Now more people will fly with expired ones. We are going back to before the internet… Canadian pilots should make their voice heard.

  4. Hello Blake

    Brilliant! Thanks so much for making the plates accessible. I have a (long expired) IFR rating, and i like flying approaches on X-Plane to remember the olden days. Thanks a million.

  5. CYOO is oshawa… TORONTO Oshawa airport Cap 4 page 399 or so…

    The name was recently changed from oshawa to Toronto Oshawa in prep for turning Oshawa into Torontos main GA airport once Buttonville closes in 2015.

    – Mark

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  7. Thanks for putting these up..
    Do you have the CAP GEN?

    Amazing resource.

    What a pity they are not up to date.

    I assume nav canada is charging for the
    latest version that are up to date.

    But perfect for home practice purposes..

    anyone got any suggestions for software
    on a lap top with a joystick?

    email Ramjet555 at

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