‘Tis a chilly one in the land of CYYZ this morning. According the expansion of mercury in a glass tube graduated with with the centigrade scale, it was 1°C this morning. Frost on the control surfaces for sure!

The latest Aviation Safety Letter was released yesterday. I took a quick read, and I found one article an extremely interesting read. Check out the article on page 12 titled “What Went Wrong: In Flight Blackout”.

The pilot experienced a power failure for half of his instruments in IMC. The outcome was positive (and the passengers didn’t know anything was wrong to boot). I only have one question though. Why did the pilot continue his approach? I would have descended into VMC over the ocean, like he did, however I would have put the aircraft in a hold while I assessed the situation. Perhaps if he had more time to diagnose the situation (and lower stress levels) he would have discovered that COM2 in fact worked.

Continuing the approach while trying to diagnose problems seemed to be a more risky decision.

In other news, the latest AIM has also been released, this time with an orange (how timely for Halloween) cover! I noticed an error in the previous issue a while back and sent along a correction to Transport Canada. They thanked me but said it was too late for this edition, so we’ll have to wait for the next one to see it.

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