Seneca College is performing a survey to gather real-world examples of flying scenarios. They are going to use the information gathered by this survey to come up with training and flight simulator scenarios.

The Hangar Talk 2010 Survey website goes on, saying:

The aviation industry has always used a pilot’s hours as a description of his or her expertise.  Before a pilot is eligible for an interview with a major airline they require a minimum number of hours.  Although this minimum guarantees a certain level of hands-on skills, researchers expect that the complex thinking and problem solving skills of pilots will vary even among pilots with the same number of hours.

Researchers hypothesize that one reason for this variance is the number of experience-building scenarios each pilot has encountered throughout the course of the hours-building phase of their career that have challenged them and required them to think creatively.  Currently, the number of challenging situations a pilot has encountered before their airline interview is entirely luck-of-the-draw.

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