I’ve been looking at some TAFs from various locations and noticed a weird convention.

In the following TAF the validity period contains a time of 2400Z. For example:

EFHK 122336Z 1224/1324 05006KT 4000 -SN SCT002 BKN003 TEMPO 1300/1305 1500 SN BKN005 BECMG 1305/1307 BKN008 TEMPO 1307/1312 8000 SCT008 BKN012 BECMG 1312/1314 30010KT 9999 SCT010 BKN030 TEMPO 1314/1324 6000 -SHSN

So one would read this TAF as being valid for the 12th at 2400Z to the 13th at 2400Z. So why not write: 1300/1400?

I’ve always been taught that there is no 24th hour. The clock rolls over to 00Z at the stroke of midnight.

I’ve noticed this to be the case with some TAFs in the US, but mainly Europe as well. Does anyone have an explanation why?

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