Last weekend, Sara and I hopped into a plane and decided to head down to the Dunnville Airport (CDU9). We headed to the airport for a 7:30am departure packed with a snack.

This was the first time I flew the carborated 172 in almost a year. I prefer flying in the fuel injected ones, however none was available this time around. No big deal really… Just a different engine-start procedure and no carb heat (and possible carb icing!) to worry about.

Of course I used World Flight Planner to plan the flight, and the numbers were bang on. WFP had estimated my time of arrival to be 8:49. I arrived at 8:45.

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The route took us south over the city, the west bound along the lake shore to Grimsby airport, then south to Dunnville . The route along the lakeshore takes you over the Ford plant in Oakville, and the Burlington Skybridge. This is known as the “St. Catherines VFR route”.

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The airport it self was a little disappointing. I didn’t know the direction of the wind, so I decided to overfly the field first to see if I could see any windsocks. None were to be found. So I used a nearby flag to figure out what runway I should land on.

On the ground roll after wheels down, we passed by a sad looking windsock that was literally a “thread” flapping in the wind. We pulled up to the main apron and shut down.

There was nobody to be found and all doors were locked. I headed back to the airplane to keep Sara company while munching on my snack. We departed 15 minutes later.

Check another airport off my list!

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