Mumble, Stumble, Fumble

Remember when you were a kid (for the guys out there) trying to undo your girlfriends bra for the first time in the heat of the moment? Remember how awkward and uncoordinated you felt? That was me, today, on the radio.

I was able to get in two flights in the past two days. Weather was great.. sunny and warm. Visibility, however, was not as good as we’d like it to be. Two big milestones were passed:

1. First time making radio calls

2. First time taking off.

3. Walkarounds all by my self!

This was also the first time I actually felt prepared! Had my own headset, fuel cup, maps, and kneeboard!

The short of it is that I’m confident about my progress so far. I try to do some studying at home after the lesson (while things are still fresh in my head) and go over what we did. I think that helps quite a bit. I’d write down a list of questions I have for the FI (which havnen’t been much lately) and make sure I ask her before we start the next lesson.

I’m noticing that every time I go up, I’m able to do more and more at the same time. Things are starting to come automatically for me. However, I still can’t seem to be able to spot the airport at a reasonable distance from it! It’s not until I’m usually right on top of it before I realize where it is.

Take offs are fun! It’s at this time I wish it was just like in flight sim. Hit F4 (for full throttle) and let ‘er rip! Not so in real life. That damn rudder! When you open that throttle wide open you have to offset that torque by using right rudder. Otherwise you’ll start veering left and eventually fly off the runway.

I have a flight booked for today. The weather is looking not so good. Hopefully I can get up though.

I’m also going to listen to some tower/ground chatter at The sad thing is, they used to have Buttonville tower/ground available – not so anymore.

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