Using Windy For Flight Planning

Below are links to the hour webinar on how to use Windy ( to help with both local and cross country flying.

Specific focus will be on VFR flying. Topics to include are:

  • What are weather models and their limitations. Which one should you use for flight planning?
  • Useful data layers to help with flight planning (cloud bases, fronts, winds aloft, icing, visibility).
  • Predicting turbulence due to daytime heating (for those local/sightseeing flights).
  • Climate change and how to predict flight conditions in smoke due to forest fires.
  • How to use Windy’s route/trip planner to get a profile view of the weather you might encounter.
  • How to use both real time data (satellite and weather radar) and forecast data.
  • Using windy as a supplement to already available weather data from NavCanada/Environment Canada & NOAA/FAA.

Some reviews by attendees:

As someone who struggled with weather the most during my PPL, this certainly gives me a great tool to use to both plan for flights as well as follow weather and try to understand it better. Thanks!!

I have used Windy for a while, but did not know about the flight planning feature. Thanks for the introduction, I will definitely use it moving forward.

Feel free to download a copy of the slides, or view the presentation on YouTube.

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