Hourly Forecasts

The Weather Network has launched a new product called “Hourly Forecasts”. They forecast the weather for the next 12 hours, hour by hour.

I don’t know how accurate these forecasts are.. however they could prove to be useful for flying. If you know you are only going to be flying for a part of the day (ie, doing circuits for a couple of hours) then you can use these forecasts to see how the weather will be like for that part of the day.

The forecast is limited however. The most detail you get are precipitation and temperature.

Check out Buttonville’s hourly forecast.

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2 thoughts on “Hourly Forecasts

  1. I think that your nearest TAFs are CYYZ, CYTZ, and CYTR — if they disagree, you could use the hourly Weather Network forecasts to see which side of the weather system they expect Buttonville to fall into (of course, CYTZ and CYTR are both heavily affected by their proximity to Lake Ontario as well).

  2. Buttonville produces their own TAFs – so why not just use them.?
    They used to have a full FSS there, but was closed down a few years ago.

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