More Radio Goodness

I found out on Monday that I passed my radio exam… no surprise there. Just studying now for the PSTAR test.

My lesson on Monday went well. It was windy so excellent circuit practice in wind. Lots of Touch-And-Gos. I still can’t get the hang of the flair on landing though. My FI blames the lack of practice in calm weather. All of my circuit practice has been in windy conditions. Every time i’ve gone up for circuits, we’ve had a runway change. Monday was no exception. This time it was from 33 to 03. With that, i’ve now taken off and landed on every runway at Buttonville!

My circuit work is on par, both my FI and I seem happy with it. My approaches are better now. The only issue is the flair on landing. With that in mind, my next circuit work will be in calmer conditions.

I’ve also been told to work on memorizing the emergency checklists. That will be the next lesson.

I also asked about getting a tour of the tower. My FI says that’s no problem as long as they are not busy. So I will probably venture up there at some point.

I’m going to be out of town next weekend, so my lessons then have been canceled. Next scheduled lesson.. April 1st.

Some audio clips:

Cleared for Take Off

Turning base and Touch-and-Go

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2 thoughts on “More Radio Goodness

  1. Love your blog – I’m thinking about taking lessons at Buttonville, too.
    How did you record your radio calls?

  2. Hey,
    I used a scanner to record both ground and tower. I just set it to scan between the two frequencies. I hooked it up to my computer and recorded it.
    I did this in my car while it was parked at the airport. used to archive and stream Buttonville tower and ground, but not any more :(

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