Busiest Circuits Ever!

It’s funny seeing everyone talk about how they are disappointed they cant go flying on Saturday (because of the weather) but then rejoice when the weather on Sunday is perfect.

I was one such person.

My FI called me on Sunday asking if I could come in 30 minutes earlier. No problem! I was just sitting around doing nothing (well, studying for my PSTAR – more on that later).

Today is perfect weather for practicing my landings. Light winds from 180° at 8KTs. Today we will be using runway 15.

Runway 15 is the only runway at Buttonville that has non-standard Right hand Circuits. This is due to noise abatement rules (there are a bunch of residential houses to the east of 15). I’ve taken off from 15 before, but never actually did a full circuit (as there was a runway change mid flight).

It was busy. Really busy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the circuit this busy before. At one point we were number 4 to land, having to extend our downwind leg on multiple occasions. It was good practice for spotting planes in the circuit.

This was the first time I landed behind a jet too! “Caution! Possible wake turbulence” the controller reminds us.

If memory serves me correct, I did 3 overshoots and 4 landings.

This was probably the worst performing lesson I’ve had in a while. Probably thanks to the lack of flying in two weeks, compounded by super busy circuits, and right hand circuits. I’m still trying to get the flair down. I know what I need to do.. except that I just can’t seem to do it when the time comes. Hopefully by next lesson, I will be on the ball. I’ve been replaying what I have to do in my head since yesterday.

I found a really good website for studying for your PSTAR. Robyns as put together an “Improved PSTAR Study Guide” which contains the answers to the questions along with his own (some time amusing) commentary. I got a chuckle when it came to his commentary on the “right of way” questions, like this one about overtaking:

Chalk up 1.6 Hours of circuits!

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