Semester One: Complete

I will be getting my marks on April 29th. I already know what I’ve gotten in meteorology because my teacher emailed me my mark right after I wrote the final (which I got 91% on!). I have about a month off before semester two starts. I have a week off booked for a vacation to Cuba the first week of May.

Now that circuit work is nearing an end, it’s on to the emergency stuff. All of the items on the emergency checklist need to be memorized. I was able to squeeze them all onto a single page that I printed out and carry everywhere I go. Waiting for someone? Bust out the checklist. On the train into work? Bust out the checklist. A commercial on TV? Bust out the checklist…It’s a direct copy out of the POH for a Cessna 172. Feel free to download a copy of this checklist.

On my last lesson, after my take off briefing I asked: “So where can we land if we have an engine failure after takeoff?” All of the runways except 33 have buildings or houses along their extended centerlines. So a few possible options as suggested by my FI include Highway 404 or the Markham golf course. Taking off from 33 is no issue though, as there are fields you can land in.

My girlfriend lives about 10miles or so from Pearson (CYYZ). It’s amazing how well they time the arrival of aircraft in the mornings. I *think* they have a noise abatement rule between 11pm and 6am. Just after 6am, I see a line of aircraft coming in for a landing. Her bedroom window faces north-east, so I’m assuming they are coming in via the Simcoe VOR. One day, I want to bring my camera over, and take some time lapse photos of the view.

I have two prospective people who would be willing to host a computer and scanner for a Tower/Ground feed of Buttonville ATC on One of them is actually next to the field (in one of the offices next to taxiway bravo).

Lesson today at 4pm. Before then, I need to hand in my final assignment for the Computer Systems class.

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2 thoughts on “Semester One: Complete

  1. I jumped through all the hoops (Filled out their application, etc) about 6 or 8 weeks back at to offer up a live feed of ATC at CYOO.
    Never heard as much as a peep back from them.
    I’m thinking about just putting it on my blog only at this point. They apparently are not interested in little GA airports anymore, or can’t be bothered to respond to their email.

  2. Really?! Hmm.. thats discouraging :(
    Have you posted something in the forum at all?
    I would hope they wouldn’t be biased at all because of the size of the airport.
    In anycase I think having the feed available outside of would be beneficial to many people who frequent the airport (even other students at CFA).

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