Today’s weather was perfect for flying. Blue skys, light winds, warm weather. The only problem is, everyone else is thinking the same thing: let’s go flying.

I have never, ever, ever seen Buttonville this busy before. I had to wait about 10 minutes to take off right from the get-go. This was a normal take off and landing just to get a feel for this plane and the conditions. It was non-stop on the radio and people were stepping all over eachother.

The next time around it was a short field take off and landing. I nailed the take off perfectly. The landing was not so good. This is the warmest temperature I’ve flown in with 40° of flaps. Reducing the power causes the plane drops like a rock. At least I hit my touch down spot ;)

After two more circuits, I figured out the landing and was nailing them. I take a peek at my watch and figure I have time for one more. I taxi back to the holding bay to find 4 planes infront of me — crap! I’m listening to tower and the plane that is number 1 to take off cant get a word in. I hear the controller saying “number 5 to land”. Five more minutes pass and the controller is telling people in the circuit to change frequencies to 119.9 Mhz. I stay on my current frequency (124.8 Mhz). By this point the controller is telling other planes that they cant enter the control zone and to start orbiting over certain points.

I see the number 1 airplane taxi to the runway and take-off… hmm.. I didn’t hear him get permission. I decide to tune to 119.9Mhz. That controller is taking care of landings/take-offs while the other one is taking care of traffic entering the zone.

By the time I’m number 1 for take-off it’s been 20 minutes later. I ask to taxi down the runway to get back to the apron, my rental time is up! I scoot down the runway and taxi off on Charlie behind two other planes already there.

I did learn something today.. How to transmit using two radios ;) I had radio one tuned to Tower and Ground.. and I had radio two tuned to 119.9Mhz.

Each year the Canadian 99s put on a “poker run” as a fundraiser. The idea being that you fly to a bunch of airports and pick up a card for $5. Make your hand and hope you win. The majority of the traffic at Buttonville today was because of this event.

No flying tomorrow because its my brothers Birthday. I have a lesson booked on Monday though.

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6 thoughts on “Busy Day!

  1. Did you go to some kind of special groundschool? Your number for groundschool cost looks at least five times too high!

  2. Did you fly today? My 2 o’clock lesson at Buttonville was just scrubbed, because it’s too hot!

  3. I suspect the same will happen to me. My lesson isn’t until 6pm though.

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