How Do I Turn On The Wipers?

Today’s flight was not bad. I didn’t have my regular FI today but a “substitute”. One of my teachers taught him when he was learning how to fly. We chatted about this particular teacher as we did the run-up and taxi. It was all jokes and reminiscing.

The plan was to do a few circuits with the FI, then solo for the rest of the time. This was the first time I did a landing with a partial panel! The FI decided to cover up my tach and airspeed indicator half way through the downwind leg. Fun! I was able to land the sucker without any problems. All I was doing is keeping an eye on my pitch/attitude (for speed) and listening to the engine for my rpm settings.. piece of cake. Most if it is intuitive by now.


Downwind Leg for runway 15

Once he hopped out of the plane I was on my own. I had to end early though because the rain started getting heavier and it was annoying to look through the rain droplets. These things don’t have windshield wipers you know.

Tomorrow, if the weather plays nice, is 100% solo. yay!

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