Worksheets Complete

Took me just over 4 hours to finish these up. I think these are going to be the final versions of both my Weight and Balance and Performance worksheets. You can download the 2 page PDF to print and use.

Some notes:

– The performance sheets has space to work out some calculations. The idea being that if anything ever goes wrong, you can find out if it was due to a miscalculation.

– The x-wind component graph takes up a lot of room because the source file is low resolution. Ideally I’d like to recreate it in vector format, rather than the bitmap format I got off the net.

– Only one aerodrome per sheet.. which might suck in cross-country planning.

– The graphs on the W&B might be too small to actually use

I’m curious to know what you think.. suggestions or comments are welcome. Just leave a comment.

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