“You’ll never hear pilots announce to their passengers that they’re smoking a joint before takeoff so they can relax and enjoy the flight.” I seriously hope not.

I discovered this site through a blog I read regularly.

Pilots are not tested for drugs. At least, you dont need a drug test to get your Transport Canada certificate.


I never really thought about it until now. I think it is a smart idea for pilots to get drug tested. Then again, I don’t recall ever reading a TSB report on an airplane crash because the pilot was high on street drugs.

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4 thoughts on “420 On The Flight Deck

  1. In my opinion most pilots have a sense of responsibility when they get their license and would not put their passengers into danger; however what stops them from doing it after a flight? Marijuana is not necessarily a very dangerous or addicting hallucinogen but what I’d be more concerned with is more harder chemical drugs that when a person gets addicted to feens for it and depends on it? That would really be my concern.

  2. There was a short news item in today’s Toronto Star about a pilot being relieved of his duties over the weekend on a charter flight out of Boston because customs agents smelled alcohol on his breath and determined that he was unfit to fly. Drinking and flying == bad!

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