Flying at last!

I was able to go up tonight for my last solo flight before uncontrolled airport stuff. I got checked out (cause my currency expired) by a substitute FI. 21 was the active and I probably haven’t taken off from 21 in months. Everything was good except I started a right hand turn in the circuit until I was corrected otherwise… whoops!

A little high on the landing but flawless otherwise. My FI was satisfied so I dropped her off at dispatch and headed up to the north.

Visibility was crappy to the south (probably 6-8sm) while it was better up north. I attempted a few steep turns, did some slow flight, practiced a forced approach and did a couple of stalls.

I was flying in Toronto Airways “newest” airplane. A bright orange 172 named C-GNFX. It has “roll bars” a “V” shaped bar in the windscreen that attaches to the frame and dash. Annoying at first but I quickly got used to them.

It was a short flight, 0.9 on the hobbs, but one that I desperately needed to do. I have a flight booked tomorrow which should go ahead assuming the weather holds up (calling for 35°C … may be a little too warm)

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