Two Bookings, Zero Flying

Saturday was a perfect day for flying. Not a cloud in the sky and not to warm. I headed down to the school to begin the paper work needed.

I forgot to bring my updated CFS… d’oh! So I couldn’t go flying.

The CFS is a “yellow pages” of airports. It lists all of the important information about all of the public airports in Canada. It is updated every 56 days (or so) and a valid one must be carried on board at all times.

I originally went to Aviation World to pick up a copy – they were sold out. So I got one from the Prop Shop at Buttonville. I order to prevent this in the future, I’ve decided to get a subscription to the CFS directly from Nav Canada.

There are two ways you can get one. Either print out the form and fax/mail it to Nav Canada. Or give them a call (1-866-731-7827). I decided to give them a call as I found their form a little confusing (you have to calculate the taxes and shipping charges your self). It literally took me only three minutes on the phone with Nav Canada to get a subscription set up. The cost? $130/yr (works out to be $18.57 per issue.. which is significantly cheaper than getting it in stores). If only they could do the same for VFR charts.

The weather on Sunday was no good for flying solo. Winds were gusting to 15KTs.

I have another booking today, but with the rain, I don’t think I will be going.

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3 thoughts on “Two Bookings, Zero Flying

  1. The CFS isn’t a required document. You could have went flying.
    Remember AROWJICI?

  2. According to the CARs:
    602.60 (1) No person shall conduct a take-off in a power-driven aircraft, other than an ultra-light aeroplane, unless the following operational and emergency equipment is carried on board:
    (b) all of the necessary current aeronautical charts and publications covering the route of the proposed flight and any probable diversionary route, if the aircraft is operated in VFR OTT, night VFR flight or IFR flight;
    So because this flight was occurring during Day VFR, I don’t even need to carry either the CFS or my charts.
    I’m going to inquire if it’s the schools policy to have charts and cfs on board during day VFR flights.

  3. I knew it was policy that we always carried our VNC, but I never worried about having my CFS with me untill after I was licenced and actually started going places where I needed to reference it.
    ..and even now, I carry it, but photocopy the pages I need so they fit neatly on my kneeboard, and the actual CFS sits in the back in my flightbag.

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