I came across some videos on YouTube of various WestJet Goodies.

Someone put a montage together with U2’s Beautiful Day of various goings on at WestJet.

A more “exciting” video is one of when WestJet retired their 737-200 earlier this year. The video shows the plane doing some low passes at Calgary International and getting its “farewell shower”.

An interesting 9 minute video (slide show really) walks you through the career of a pilot from first job in 1993, to his current job today at WestJet.

I’m going to be putting up a new post later tonight outlining my lesson on Saturady and the one I have tonight.

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One thought on “Westjet pr0n

  1. Great collection of westjet video’s. I know some were created by westjet ( the retiring the 200’s is anyways). I like the microsoft vs westjet, would be interesting to find out who created those. So just from browsing through your recent comments should I guess that your in pilot training in toronto? that’s super cool, good for you. Well, I wish you all the best in your future, maybe I’ll see you with westjet oneday!

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