Holy E6B Batman!

I’m quickly becoming a wiz on the E6B thanks to my Navigation classes.

Yesterday’s class was fun, dry, but fun. We spent the past two classes planning a cross country trip:


Without going into too much detail, we planned one leg (YKZ->YEE) in class. Worked out how much fuel we’d need, headings to fly, ETAs and such.

By the time this semester is done, my map is going to be a mess of tracks ;)

Click To Enlarge

At the end of the class last night I was thinking of a whole bunch of places i’d like to do a cross country to. I think it would be awesome to fly to my cottage one day… The closest airport would be Sherbrooke, QC (CYSC) or Bromont, QC (CZBM) both are 54 miles away, according to Google Maps. However, I think I’m going to stick to “local” destinations… One of them being Stanhope, ON (CND4).

I have a flight booked today at 6pm, cross your fingers that the weather holds up.

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