I’ve been sucking lately..

My flight on the weekend was the worst. I hadn’t been flying in quite a while so I elected to make this flight a review and not the “mock test” flight.

I told my FI that I wanted to review forced approaches, precautionary landings, and steep turns. She through in some stalls and spiral dives for good measure.

I forgot what to do for the forced landing, screwed up my estimation of the length of the field, buggered up the mayday call. I would have made the field had the airplanes full flaps were 40° instead of 30° ;) (GIKW is awesome though… I was cruising at almost 110 KIAS). Didn’t do a cause check, and didn’t shutdown the engine either. What happened? I used to rock at these things.

I started doing the precautionary checks on the wrong leg (downwind, instead of upwind leg) this would have resulted in me having to make yet another half circuit to be able to land.

My next lesson is at 8am on Friday.. It’s going to be another review.. and if I rock that, I’m going to make the next lesson the pre-test flight. I really, really, want to get my licence by the end of this month. The weather has been so messed up lately (1/2 mile visibility and 200′ ceilings in November? What gives?). I already have flights booked to take up some friends in December.

My tour of YYZ Tower and Toronto Centre has been postponed until tomorrow. I’m pretty excited to check it all out. I’m going to have a list of questions to ask our guide tomorrow.

One of my classmates is already working on his Multi-IFR. He also has his night rating, and float rating. I think he’s going to get his commercial real soon now. He did his commercial x-country in a float plane!

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2 thoughts on “I’ve been sucking lately..

  1. Blake, one question, if you can ask the control tower tour guide (for me :p) in a typical day, how many go-arounds and/or overshoots do they have?

  2. Hmm.. wouldn’t that total depend on the weather? I’m sure if the weather was bad that day, they’d have more overshoots than if it was a nice clear day.

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