I have this entire week off work and a flight booked almost every day of the week in hopes of getting my pre-exam flight and PPL exam flight done. I made a promise to my friend two months ago that I would bring him up when he’s back in town for Christmas.

School is on hiatus for the Christmas break. I did well on my two exams. The only question I was unable to answer was on my Basic Aircraft Systems exam and was worth 6 marks. The question was “Name six types of variable pitch propellers”. I didn’t understand the question even after asking the teacher for clarification. I could only think of three… Electrical, Hydraulic, and Mechanical.

Nothing really else new to report.

I’m doing some research about schools at the Island Airport. Once I get my license, I’d really like to start flying out of YTZ considering I can walk to the airport from where I live.Their C172 rates (at both schools) are $134/hr. That’s $10/hr more than at Buttonville (with Toronto Airways).

The past few posts by Sulako (here and here) have been about Pilots and their relationships with a significant other. I’ve been thinking a bit about that with my girlfriend (we’ve been together for two years now). I am worried about how we will cope when I switch careers from being a computer nerd to an aviator. Right now she’s working at a local hospital as a nurse in the NICU and has 5 days off in a row between her set of shifts. I have a 9-5 job right now and we’re used to spending a lot of time together (especially when she has weekends off).

I’ve given her a heads up about how my new schedule will possibly be when I’m flying full time. She says she’s cool with it now… only time will tell.

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