I took a few pics on Saturday. One of the photos was on final for runway 33. It’s almost exactly the same as the photo I took during the spring.

There is one big difference though, The new tower! You can see it peek over one of the hangars.



You can see the original photos I took here and here.

I do have one question though: Why are the windows in ATC Towers slanted? I read someplace that it has to do with being used at night. Anyone have any idea?

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One thought on “The New Tower

  1. Check here (http://www.livescience.com/mysteries/060921_air_traffic.html) but the gist is, Ordinarily, we see (and ignore) reflections in glass all the time, for example from computer monitors or car windows. But air traffic controllers must not have any distracting reflections as they monitor flights. By tilting the glass away, any errant light from inside the tower (such as video screens, lights, etc.) are reflected up onto the ceiling, which is painted black. At least that is what one quick search turned up.

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