3 thoughts on “Taking Off From Runway 33

  1. You can sure tell that’s a 172 because of the very low nose up attitude on climbout.
    You definitely notice the major increase in nose up attitude when climbing in a 152 – there is nothing but blue sky to be seen through the windscreen when climbing even at VY, nevermind VX. :)

  2. Really? Damn! I always get a little freaked out doing Vx in the 172 because I cant see crap..
    I can’t imagine Vy being that way every time I want to take off in the 152 ;)

  3. Its whatever your used to, I guess… When I fly a 172 it feels like were going to end up in the trees at the end of the runway because the AOT feels so low, despite the fact that it climbs away normally.
    VX in a 152 is interesting though…massive pitch attitude.
    You should take one of your less-important lessons some day in a 152 and see what they’re like.

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